- Secret leftist billionaires club




Taking a look inside the secret leftist billionaires club
This weekend, a shadowy leftist group named Democracy Alliance will meet in Chicago to figure out a way to thwart conservative rivals.

Wedding crasher: County curbs private business
Call off the wedding. Spotsylvania County has imposed “special use permit” restrictions on a couple that’s been hosting marriages for years — effectively nullifying future nuptials at a once-thriving business.

Labor nonprofit avoids IRS scrutiny while failing to disclose years of lobbying activity
The Restaurant Opportunities Center United decried lobbying at Washington D.C. protest on Monday, while only recently amending its IRS statements to disclose their own lobbying activities.

Pro-gun group leads revolt, OK House overrides governor’s veto
The state House of Representatives on Wednesday voted, 87-3, to enact a pro-gun measure — one of the 15 House bills Gov. Mary Fallin vetoed Tuesday.

DOJ probe into WI School Choice ‘another massive power grab’ by feds
More than a year after the U.S. Department of Justice began shoving its nose into Wisconsin’s School Choice program, the federal agency’s “ongoing investigation” continues without any apparent end.

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