LACONIA - Scott Brown awarded Naswa Resorts owner Cynthia Markis and her mother, Hope, with Women for Brown "Hero" Awards to commend their efforts maintaining a family business for almost 80 years. In a tough economy, Cynthia cited obstacles from Obamacare and high energy costs that make it difficult to grow the business and create new jobs. 
“Nawsa Resorts opened in 1935, and the Markis family has done an extraordinary job growing the business and contributing to New Hampshire's tourism industry," said Brown. "I am proud to present Cynthia and Hope with 'Hero' Awards to celebrate their entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to strong communities. It is unfair that Washington regulations are forcing Cynthia to make tough choices, and it is time for new leadership to reduce the size of government and encourage entrepreneurial success for New Hampshire."

Due to the uncertainty of Obamacare and rising energy costs, Cynthia remains concerned that Washington regulations will keep operating costs high and make it difficult to hire workers. The upcoming employer mandate will require businesses with 100 or more employees to offer health insurance or pay a $2,000.00 a per employee penalty starting January 1, 2015.

"If Naswa Resorts does not get some relief from the high costs of energy and health care, it will be difficult for my family to maintain our business,” said Cynthia Markis.  “We are proud to have our guests return to New Hampshire year after year to enjoy our beautiful state and boost the local economy.  To help us keep growing and hiring, it is time to elect leaders like Scott Brown who will go to Washington and work to reduce the size of government.”

In addition to working with Naswa Resorts, Cynthia received the "Hero" award for her involvement in organizing charity motorcycle rides and poker games in support of Easter Seals. The Women for Brown "Hero" Award is meant to identify individuals who are contributing to the New Hampshire economy, helping our communities and preserving New Hampshire's great way of life.