Guinta For Congress - Announces Veterans Coalition


Team Guinta is honored to continue its unbroken string of 13 weeks of endorsement releases this morning with a list of more than 125 veterans who will form our veterans coalition. This coalition will be co-chaired by Lt Col. Gary Terhune of Rye and Sgt. Major Paul Chevalier. They will advise Team Guinta on issues of importance to the veteran community.

Paul Chevalier released the following statement: 

"In the years I have worked with Frank Guinta he has proven to be an indispensable ally in the fight to ensure veterans have access to the resources they have earned and deserve.  He has always been accessible, competent, and steadfast in his support.  It is with great pride that I endorse Frank Guinta in his effort to represent New Hampshire in Congress."

Gary Terhune released the following statement:

"As the former President and long time Director of the New Hampshire Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America, I have spent much time in Washington fighting for Veterans rights. Frank understands the debt owed to our veterans, and has always been accessible and resourceful in helping to achieve our common goal of providing premium benefits to those who have served and are serving now."


Frank Guinta released the following statement:

“I have been privileged to work alongside and on behalf of New Hampshire veterans. Their service, loyalty and dedication to the United States should serve as a model for all Americans, they truly are the very best our great country to offer. Our commitment to their well being cannot, should not, and must not end with their contractual term of commitment to our nation. That includes ensuring they have the very best health care the United States has to offer, proper transition services into civilian life, assistance with job placement, education services and more. The treatment of our veterans while they serve in uniform and when they come home will remain a top priority of mine.”



Phillip Coull, Army, Alton
Karl Ingoldsby, USMC, Alton Bay
Jim Headd, USAF, Auburn
Earl Case, USMC, Barrington
Kristofer Furtney, USCG, Barrington
Andy Crews, USMC, Bedford
Peter Galamaga, Navy, Bedford
Mark Gashi, Navy, Bedford
Ken Hawkins, USMC, Bedford
John Heroux, Army, Bedford
Peter Kujawski, Army, Bedford
Warner Lund, Navy, Bedford
Derek Seligman. USCG. Bedford
John Graha, Army, Bedford
Jim Clemons, Army, Bedford
Peter Burdette, Navy, Bow
Ken Christiansen, USAF, Brentwood
Joe Duarte, Navy, Candia
John Swanson, Navy, Center Ossipee
Frank Hastings, Navy, Conway
Frank McCarthy, USMC, Conway
Christopher Dale, Army, Derry
Brent Desautel, Army, Derry
Tony Forbes, USAF, Derry
George Hause, Navy, Derry
John Potucek, USAF, Derry
John Mandrioli, Army, Derry
Doug "Doc" Flethcer, Navy, Dover
Donald Philbrick, USAF, Eaton
Vincent Milano Sr, Army, Epping
Vincent Milano Jr, Army, Epping
Dennis Brady, Navy, Exeter
Earl Whitaker, USAF, Exeter
Jim Golden, USMC, Farmington
  Sam Cataldo, USAF, Farmington
Ron LeBreton, Army, Gilmanton
George Howard, USAF, Glen
Emile Beaulieu, USAF, Goffstown
Donald Caron, USMC, Goffstown
Kent Nolan, USAF, Goffstown
Rick Christie, Army, Goffstown
Becky Stafford, USAF, Goffstown
John Stafford, USAF, Goffstown
Michael Fitzgerald, Army, Greenland
Jorge Mesa-Tejada, USMC, Hampstead
Christopher Nevens, USAF, Hampton
Fred Rice, Army, Hampton
Ken Sheffert, Army, Hampton
Chris Nevins, USAF, Hampton
Lou Gargiulo, Army, Hampton Falls
  John Flanders, Navy, Kingston
Ken Weyler, USAF Reserve, Kingston
Roland Maheu, Army, Laconia
Frank Tilton, Army, Laconia
Scott Vachon, USMC, Laconia
Robert Krahulec, USAF, Laconia
Al Baldasaro, USMC, Londonderry
Greg Carson, Army, Londonderry
Bob Introne, USAF, Londonderry
Gilbert Sarno, USMC, Londonderry
Dan Tamburello, USMC, Londonderry
Carl Tomanelli, Army/Air Force, Londonderry
Tim Auger, USAF, Manchester
Bob Barry , Navy, Manchester
Omer Beaudoin, Navy, Manchester
Russell Bilodeau, Army, Manchester
Bob Dastin, Air National Guard, Manchester
Tom Deblois, Army, Manchester
Donald Duhamel, Army, Manchester
Mike Egan, USAF, Manchester
John Fahey, Army, Manchester
Stephen Focht, Navy, Manchester
Larry Gagne, Navy, Manchester
Richard Lamy, Navy, Manchester
Jim Lupien, USAF, Manchester
Pat McCarthy, Navy, Manchester
Marc Miller, Army, Manchester
Bernie Soucy, USMC, Manchester
Alison Stanley, USAF, Manchester
Mark Starin, Navy, Manchester
Ray Weizorek, Army, Manchester
Joe Whitten, Army, Manchester
Frank Wright, USCG, Manchester
Kevin O'Meara, Army, Manchester
John Vattes, USMC, Manchester
Donald Duhamel, U.S Army/Air Force, Manchester
Ryan Gauthier, Army, Manchester
Gary Gahan, USMC, Merrimack
Keith Jeffrey, Army, Merrimack
Richard Smith, Army, Merrimack
Gary Gahan, USMC, Merrimack
Noel Murdough, USCG, Milton
Victor Blanchett, Army, New Castle
Jerry Busby, Army, New Hampton
Jared Rumford, USAF, Newfields
Paul Brousseau, Navy, Newmarket
Wes Shuler, USMC, Newton
George Denoncourt, Army, North Hampton
Ralph Sherouse, Navy, North Hampton
Romeo Danais, Army, Nottingham
Paul Gagne, Navy, Plaistow
William Putnam, USAF, Plaistow
Peter Taylor, USAF, Plaistow
Bob Allard, NH Natl Gaurd, Portsmouth
Frank Bishop, USAF, Raymond
Jeffrey Klein, Navy, Raymond
Dana Hussey, USAF, Rochester
Mac Kittredge, USAF, Rochester
Jim Twombley, USAF, Rochester
Jeff Chidester, Army, Rochester
Dennis Fields, USAF , Sanborton
Bill Tobin , USAF/Army, Sanborton
Richard Dodge, Navy, Seabrook
Brandon Karcher, Army, Somersworth
Matt Spencer, USCG, Somersworth
George Lovejoy, Navy, Strafford
David Scott, Army, Strafford
Joseph Simeone, NHANG, Stratham
George Waldron, USAF, Stratham
Donald McGarity, Navy, Tamworth
Joe Fleck, USAF, Wakefield
Larry Hebb, Navy, Wolfeboro
Bob Bird, Army, Wolfeboro