NHDP - ICYMI: Foster's Editorial Calls Out Walt Havenstein for Opposing Bipartisan Transportation Funding Plan

Key Point: "While we are on the subject of naysayers, it is time for Republican gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein to move past his disappointment and opposition to the increase...Havenstein should understand that our nation’s infrastructure — and that of New Hampshire — is a prime driver of the economy...If Havenstein is to be our next governor (no endorsement intended) it is a concept he needs to grasp."

Foster's: Gas tax is a good investment
Friday, May 30, 2014

On July 1, a tank of gas will cost 4.2 cents more per gallon.

Despite the naysayers who continue to rail against the tax increase, we predict it will be hardly noticed — if at all — by the average driver. And that in the end, it may even save money and be appreciated.

A recent drive from the Seacoast to the Lakes Region offered a spread of as much as 17 cents for a gallon of regular.

Here in the Seacoast, it is not uncommon to find a 10-cent difference.

We expect those spreads to continue after July 1. This means you might be able to beat the gas tax by shopping around.

Regardless, we predict the increase may very well save drivers money in the long run.

During the legislative debate over the increase, Sen. Jim Rausch of Derry pointed out that if the entire increase is reflected at the pump, it would cost someone who annually drives 10,000 miles at 25 mpg approximately $16 a year. Even if someone challenges 10,000 miles as an unrealistic number, a 20,000 mile-a-year driver will only pay $32 more.