Testerman For US Senate - More Building Team Testerman

Team Testerman releases another week of Endorsements who are rallying around the only

"True Republican Platform Candidate"

Karen Testerman released the following statement:

"I am honored to receive the support of those listed here. They represent New Hampshire's commitment to a candidate that has lived a principled life and that will bring truth and integrity to Washington. DC. on their behalf. I will support the people of New Hampshire and defend the Constitution while serving at the pleasure of New Hampshire residence while in Washington D.C."

Margot Lucas; Office administrator, "As a mother, wife and working woman it is important to me to have someone in Washington fighting for the values I grew up with. Personally, I am tired of hearing about this so called "war on women" and wish to uphold a strong, virtuous, intelligent women to take on Washington's status quo."




Hon. Donald Andolina - Dover NH, District6

Guy Comtois - State Legislator

John A. Hike l- State Legislator

David K.Murotake - State Legislator

David & Marsha VanderMey -  Amherst

Rick Lucas - Gilmanton

Aram & Lucy Sisoian - Alton

Paula &  John Tarta,  - Rye

Tony Giunta, former Mayor of Franklin

Tina& Nick Metes - Manchester

Tom Bellohusen - Bradford

Sue & Ken Jones-Amherst

Thomas & Karen Prieto -  Nashua

John Pearson - Rye

Maurice & Dorothy Tandy - Franklin

Dan Bezon - Andover

Charles & Judy Shore - Claremont