Lambert For Congress - Lambert Remarks at NH GOP Annual Meeting

Concord – Today at the New Hampshire Republican Party’s Annual Meeting, Former State Senator and 2nd District Congressional candidate Gary Lambert delivered the following remarks:


Thank you. It’s great to be with so many good Republicans this morning – and even better that so many of you are familiar faces. Since I announced, I’ve had the opportunity to make over 100 campaign stops in over 50 towns around the 2nd District.  And everywhere I go, I make people one promise:


I will work harder for your vote and the chance to serve you in Congress than any candidate out there.


You see – ever since I put on the uniform of a United States Marineat 19, ever since my father died when I was 18 and my mother had to go to work as a nurse’s aide to help me and my brother, ever since I worked in a meat market at 14 to save money for college – all I’ve known how to do is work hard at serving a cause greater than myself. I’m 54 years old – it’s too late for me to learn how to do things any other way.


And now, On June 1st, after 35 years, I will retire from the United States Marine Corps and I want to continue my service representing you in Congress. I believe service is at its best when it’s in a place of great need – and I think we can all agree we really need someone else besides Annie Kuster to serve the 2nd District in Congress.


So I’ve put my name forward, I’ve stepped up to serve. And I do mean serve – politics isn’t a career for me, I’m not in it to rise up the ladder or in it for the perks. If you elect me, I won’t be taking a congressional pension, I won’t be taking a government subsidy for my healthcare, and I won’t serve more than 3 terms, 6 years. What I will do is this –fight for the middle class’ right to economic opportunity instead of government mandates, fight to repeal and replace Obamacare with free-market healthcare solutions, and fight for our veterans so that they have the access to the healthcare, benefits, and jobs they deserve.  


That is my message for the people of the 2nd District: send me to Congress, and you will get what you deserve – service and hard work.


Thank you for letting me share with you this morning, I hope I get a chance to speak with you and shake your hand. Thank you.