NH Center For Innovative Schools - Governor nominates alarming figure to State Board of Education


Self described political activist with history of alarming rhetoric, parents feel betrayed.

Governor Hassan has chosen to nominate what can only be described as a deeply cynical choice to join the State Board of Education.


The nominee in question, William A. Duncan of New Castle, is a self described "political activist", with a history of alarming rhetoric regarding public charter schools. Mr. Duncan was instrumental in leading the effort against increased funding for public charter schools in the legislature this session (HB435).


The governor has been thought of as a charter school supporter in the past but her decision to entrust the care of these public schools to a man with such openly hostile views is a betrayal. The State Board of Education is a place for many opinions but it is unreasonable to appoint someone who exhibits such a clear bias against these public schools.


A vote is expected on the nomination as early as this Thursday.


Examples of this rhetoric include:

"Charter schools are a political statement not an educational improvement". Source: http://anhpe.org/2013/07/05/charter-schools-are-a-political-statement-not-and-educational-improvement/


"I always consider policy discussions about privatization - proposals to dismantle public education and replace it with charters, vouchers and home schools  - a distraction..." Source: http://nhlabornews.com/tag/bill-duncan


"You see the national education reform debate and it looks like an existential threat to public education...They'll keep the public schools open for the hardest to educate kids. And they are building separate charter and voucher systems for what they consider the most desirable kids. Source: 5/13/13 speech to NH superintendents 


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