NHDP - Havenstein Sides with Tea Party, Against Public School Students of New Hampshire

Maryland Multi-Millionaire Supports Voucher Program That Diverts Public Education Dollars To Private and Religious Schools


Concord, NH-- Walt Havenstein has yet again taken a page out of the failed Tea Party playbook of 2010, announcing his support of a voucher program that will divert public education dollars to private and religious schools. This is the most recent example of Havenstein siding against the priorities of New Hampshire's working families. Over the past two weeks, Havenstein has railed against the bipartisan plan to expand health care access to 50,000 Granite Staters, opposed a bipartisan plan to reinvest in our state's infrastructure, and came out against restoring and improving our state's minimum wage.
"Maryland mult-millionaire Walt Havenstein's support of the education voucher tax credit program is yet another example of why the families and students of New Hampshire simply cannot trust Havenstein to stand up for them," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Press Secretary Lucas Meyer. "This misguided policy not only works to undermine our state's public school system, but also directly violates the New Hampshire Constitution."
This law, which has been found unconstitutional by two lower courts, strips public schools of crucial funding by diverting millions in already limited education funds from public to religious schools. This program would make it more difficult for the state to meet its obligation to provide Granite State students the education they deserve.
"The people of New Hampshire rejected this type of radical and out-of-touch ideology in 2012, and with positions like this, Walt Havenstein can expect the same result," concluded Meyer.