- Gun owners shut down governor

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A governor messed with gun owners and lost

The state House of Representatives on Wednesday voted, 87-3, to enact a pro-gun measure — one of the 15 House bills Gov. Mary Fallin vetoed Tuesday. Leading the charge for the override was the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association and founder-president Tim Gillespie. In lockstep with the group, at least on this issue, was the legislative Democrat most likely to oppose Fallin in the November general election.

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 Seattle's economy in jeopardy over minimum wage hike

The Emerald City is set to collapse. Not Dorothy’s, but Kshama’s. Kshama Sawant is the Seattle city councilor pushing her colleagues to force private businesses and nonprofits to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour — the highest rate in the nation.

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Solar array will cost taxpayers $5 million

Santa Fe Community College has just unveiled a solar array that, it says, will save the college at least $200,000 a year on its utility bills. But the array, funded by taxpayers in a 2010 bond election, will cost $5 million.