Testerman For US Senate - It is Outrageous

CONCORD, NH-  "The consistent complaint from public school educators is that, "today's parents don't care, they aren't involved" commented Candidate for U.S. Senate, Karen Testerman.   "Yet, when a parent voiced his concern over the pornographic novel that his daughter was required to read, as William Baer did at a recent school board meeting, he was removed from the meeting, handcuffed and arrested."


"New Hampshire places a greater emphasis than do many other States on preserving family relationships," wrote the New Hampshire Supreme Court in William A., 142 N.H. 598, 600 (1998)


"Is this how we respond to parents who become involved by objecting to sexual and pornographic reading material presented to their 14 year old daughter?  The parent is called out of the meeting, handcuffed and arrested?" questioned Testerman.


"Once again, parents' rights are trampled.  In 2005, David Parker, a Massachusetts father was similarly handcuffed and arrested for objecting to the homosexual material presented to his 6 year old.


"Is this how we bully the parents who get involved?"