Testerman For US Senate - This Has Got To Stop

CONCORD, NH- This week 12 New Hampshire patriots arrived home from Nevada," announced Karen Testerman, candidate for the U.S. Senate.  "I want to insure that they are welcomed back as patriots, free men, who chose to help a fellow American keep his freedom and livelihood.


"These men committed no crime, broke no laws, caused no damage to property or person, yet the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, labeled them "Domestic Terrorists."  I have called for his apology for making such an defamatory and offensive comment, and will be in Washington on he 15th urging him to do so in person.


"I am asking once more that our sitting Senators, and particularly, Jeanne Shaheen, who is part of Reid's caucus, deliver a public, unconditional statement, denouncing Mr. Reid's remarks. I expect her to issue a personal "welcome home" to each of these men and women, some of whom are prior military.


"Unless we as a people begin to cry our distain for such blatant arrogance and abuse of public office, this sort of abuse will only get worse.  Please join me in this cause. Come to our rally in DC on May 15th.


For information on how to assist the welcoming of our patriots home please contact Jack at (603) 235-2862.