NHDP - Republican State Senators Turn Their Backs on NH Workers And Families

GOP Senate Rejects Opportunity To Lift Granite State Families Out of Poverty and Boost State Economy

Concord, NH—Today, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley released the following statement after Republicans in the State Senate voted to block a bill that would have established a New Hampshire state minimum wage at $9 per hour. 

"Senate Republicans have again voted against the best interests of Granite State families," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley. "No one who works full time in New Hampshire should have to live in abject poverty, but that’s the world we live in because of GOP obstructionism. Raising the minimum wage would not only help lift thousands of families out of poverty, but it would also stimulate our local economy and alleviate pressure on our public assistance programs. The Republican Senate caucus, not to mention gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein and Senate candidate Scott Brown, should be ashamed of themselves. By opposing this commonsense measure, they are effectively damning the families that most need our help.

"Democrats will continue to fight for a system that works for everyone, so that mothers and fathers who work full time won't have to choose between feeding their kids and paying their bills. It is time for Republicans in New Hampshire to stop standing in the way of fairness and opportunity for our state's workers, and join us in giving 76,000 Granite Staters a much-needed raise," concluded Buckley.