Rubens For US Senate - Grassroots Support Rallying to Jim Rubens

 More and more voters in New Hampshire made the decision this week to publicly endorse Jim Rubens for US Senate. This latest wave of support shows how Rubens has been connecting with the grassroots supporters, the voters that will decide who will win the Republican nomination on September 9th.

On Wednesday we released a list of recent endorsers that shows continued campaign momentum. It's an honor to earn the support of this broad coalition of elected officials, former public servants, activists and community members. Voters are hungry for meaningful change in Washington. They are among our growing list of supporters who want to solve problems by bringing new energy, new ideas and trustworthiness to Washington. This is necessary to end special-interest influence, bring our fiscal house in order and stop the government overreach that strangles the private sector and spies on our personal lives. The voters and these grassroots leaders, not Washington, will pick our nominee on September 9th.

At yesterday's press conference, which can be viewed here, Jim Rubens received the endorsements of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire and their national counterpart, the Republican Liberty Caucus.

In announcing the endorsement, Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire (RLCNH) chairman Aaron Day explained: "Grounded in the principled belief in constitutionally limited government, Jim Rubens brings the intelligence and experience needed to reverse the damage inflicted by Obama and Shaheen. Jim's 40-year track record creating jobs and wealth as an entrepreneur, empowering the citizens of New Hampshire as a legislator, and ability to solve complex problems while bringing people together is exactly what is needed in this time of great peril. The Republican Liberty Caucus is pleased to endorse Jim Rubens as the clear choice to replace Jeanne Shaheen in the United States Senate."

The media is beginning to see this as a two person race. Drew Cline wrote in the Union Leader that this endorsement is the latest example of "Rubens finally gaining widespread credibility among the conservative base".

John DiStaso of The NH Journal wrote a piece on the endorsement, explaining the process of earning the endorsement. Day told him that "We talked to all of the candidates. I have a lot of respect for Karen Testerman and Bob Smith, but when you summarize the issues, Jim is the most closely associated" with the RLC.

Dave Solomon, of the Union Leader, noted that the "endorsement by the RLC qualifies Rubens, who is more conservative than Brown on gun control and abortion, for RLC-USA PAC funds" and that Rubens "brings the intelligence and experience needed to reverse the damage inflicted by Obama and Shaheen."

Other local media that covered the announcement as a significant turning point in this race include the Concord Monitor, NPR, and the Concord Patch.

The national media is also taking notice, with NewsMax, the Chicago Tribune, and

"Have you had a chance to meet Jim Rubens? If you would like to host an event or find out when Jim is in your area please click here and let us now. We look forward to meeting you"