Manchester, N.H. – Governor Hassan has received criticism lately for imposing an out-of-state travel ban via Executive Order, but continuing her planned trip to Turkey this month.  Now, Governor Hassan is today violating her own travel ban by attending her campaign fundraiser in Washington with Joe Biden, and a taxpayer funded NH State Trooper. 


“Governor Hassan says the state can’t afford to let employees, lawmakers or anyone advocating on behalf of the state to travel outside our borders, but apparently she can have a tax payer funded security detail do so, to raise money for her campaign coffer,” Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Hemingway noted.


In a call to her office this morning,   Governor Hassan’s team refused to confirm whether a New Hampshire State Trooper was actually travelling with her or who was footing the bill for such travel and referred us to another staff member who has not responded.   Such a refusal can only confirm the fact that indeed a taxpayer funded New Hampshire State Trooper is in DC so Governor Hassan can raise money.


“I have no complaint about protecting the safety of our Governor, but when she says people can’t travel out of state to even foster economic growth and then makes taxpayers pay for her political campaign activities, we have to call out the hypocrisy.  She shouldn’t be going on a junket to Turkey and she shouldn’t be spending taxpayer dollars on her campaign activities—when she herself proclaims our state is too broke to afford it. She signed an Executive Order. She needs to abide by her own Executive Order,” Hemingway said.  “If she really wanted to see the Vice President, I’m sure he’ll be spending quite a bit of time in New Hampshire soon.”