NHDP - ICYMI: News Outlets Slam Scott Brown for Penny Stock Scandal, Calls for Him to File Personal Financial Disclosure Grow Louder


Concord, NH—It’s been more than a week since news broke on Scott Brown’s $1.3 million advisory role with a shady beauty supply company turned arms manufacturer and Brown is still refusing to answer serious questions the scandal raised. The latest revelations suggest securities fraud may have been committed and yet Brown is still stonewalling and refusing to file his personal financial disclosure that would highlight his ties to the controversial company. 
“It’s been a week since Granite Staters learned of Scott Brown’s advisory role with this shady penny stock company, and yet he still refuses to answer questions or release his personal financial disclosure form,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “New Hampshire voters deserve honest, up front answers about his role with this controversial company and potential violation of SEC regulations. What is Brown still hiding? It's time for him to come clean.”
Below are some highlights from this weekend’s coverage:
WCVB Boston: “New Hampshire got a chance to see why Scott Brown was Wall Street’s favorite senator. He had the chance to make $1.4 million dollars for a company that has nothing, sells nothing, and does nothing, and he didn’t have to do anything to do it. And, by the way, voters there saw Brown giving you, and every other reporter there the Heisman, as they did with him, and they don’t like that. So… so you can change the state you run in, but you can’t change who you are.”

 Boston Globe: “With Global Digital Solutions, Brown comes off more like just another opportunistic politician trying to enrich himself by lending his name to a sleazy-sounding enterprise. Was it because he didn’t know or didn’t care about the company’s shaky foundations?”
Boston Herald: “This week’s forensic analysis of Brown’s latest hoof-in-mouth misadventure reveals his appetite for a fast buck is only exceeded by his stunning, perhaps even alarming, stupidity.”
Sentinel & Enterprise: “Calling the questions about his involvement a campaign "distraction," Brown earlier this week severed his relationship with Global Digital and relinquished control of his stock. Our question is: Why didn't Brown see this coming?... It leaves New Hampshire voters with legitimate questions about his judgment, should he succeed in representing them in the U.S. Senate.”