Testerman For US Senate - "Why should we compromise..." Torressen Endorses Testerman

Today, U.S. Senate candidate Karen Testerman released another week of Endorsements who are rallying around the only "True Republican Platform Candidate." 

Testerman provided the following statement:

"I am honored to receive the support of those listed here. They represent New Hampshire's commitment to a candidate that has lived a principled life, who will bring truth and integrity to Washington, DC. I will represent the people of New Hampshire and defend the Constitution upon which depends the freedom of future generations."

Gary Torressen Former State Representative - Moultonboro "Scott Brown was a huge disappointment in D.C. during his short time there. He turned out to be a faux Republican, casting 2/3 of his votes with the Democrats. If we send him back to Washington from NH, we can't expect anything different. He says all the right things as a candidate, but when he got to DC, he deserted the principles he claimed to represent while campaigning. He does not deserve to go back to D.C. NH Republicans need to stand up for true Republican values by sending a solid conservative to DC - someone who will compromise without betraying our underlying values.

Every wonder why you never hear Democrats say they want to "reach across the aisle" to work with Republicans? It's because they don't want to. Stand up and vote for a solid Republican to run against Jeanne Shaheen. Karen Testerman has what it takes. She has the courage, integrity and character to represent NH in Washington, to work with like-minded Senators to solve America's many serious problems. Compare Brown to Testerman, issue for issue, and you will clearly see that Karen is the real Republican in this race, a reasoned candidate who will not waver. We cannot afford to send another hand-picked establishment candidate to D.C."

Paul LaCasse, Sr. - Frmr. State Representative

Don & Nancy Mooney - Dalton Gang - Dalton

Donald Onofrio - Laconia

Susan Carroll - Atkinson

Paul & Robbin Macvittie - Newbury

Carol Couture - Colebrook

Lorraine Dube - Pelham

Judy & Bart Hardwick - Francistown

Jean Ferreira - Gilford

Andy Ware - Frmr. Chief of Police - Grafton

Susan Ware - Grafton

Joe Dupont - Deering

Brenda Cameron - Dover

Rosemary Costanzo - Center Barnstead

Gaston Gingues - Sanbornton

Robert Jursick - Penacook

Bob & Denise Crompton - Manchester

Tina & Nick Metz - Manchester

Daniel Wear - West Lebanon

Christa Hill - New London

Russell Post - Danville

Ron & Beverly Gerstenberger - Amherst

Beverly Dezuira - Goffstown

John McGrenaghan - Greenland

Helene Cogleston - Pittsburg

Normand Darbe - Plaistow

Isabella Laraia - Salisbury

Richard Tichko - Canterbury

Dominique Bessette - Keene

Robert Weston - Exeter

Eric Pauer - Brookline

Ronald Fowler - Grantham

Raymond Langolis - Bedford

Charles & Joan Espinola - Salem

Richard Allen - Gladwin

Angela Diener - Concord

Pamela Ean - Concord

Eric Steinhauser - Concord

Kenneth Poulin - Rochester

William Loomis - Portsmouth

Frank White - Keene

Donald & Rene Reid - Bow

Debra Nolin - Milton Mills

Peter Scripture - Canterbury

Ingrid Peillo - Concord

Emilie Power - Nashua

William Lariviere - Claremont

Mike Nevelson - Actworth

Robert Beranger - Rochester

David Person - New Ipswich

Patricia Fenster - Londonderry

Angelo Costa - Franconia

Victor Maslov - Nottingham

Kratz Leatherman - Manchester

Mary Greenlee - Portsmouth

Lawrence Dupont - Winnisquam

Ward Flanders - Laconia

Theodore Wiebold - Dover

Salvator Garofalo - Bow

Lynn Durham - Holderness

Theodore Sattley - Atkinson

Deborah Lee Sharrio - Warner

Byron McAlpin - Portsmouth

Douglas Fish - Keene

Eugene Rogers - Farmington

Thomas Bowen - Grafton

Louise Green - Peterborough

Dewitte Kersh - Watterville Valley

Dennis Goyette - Contoocook

Adolph Carrozza - Tilton

Robert Gowitzke - Littleton

Robert Guyer - Windham

David Merrill - Hillsborough

June Deurloo - Amherst

Sal De Vinceenzo - Rye

Thomas Levesque - Hampton

Virgina Soule - Salem

Peter Coffin - Londonderry

Kenneth Weyler - Kingston

Benjamin Sawyer - Greenfield

Robert Stoeckmann - Keene

Roland Harmon - Hudson

Howard Erdman - West Lebanon

Bernard Collins - Milton

Julian Sluskonis - Nashua

John Olexa - Amherst

Roger & Joyce Brown

Howard Brown - Belmont

Eleonore Villarrubia - Richmond

Barbara Dunham - Nashua

Gerald Bretton - Nashua

Thomas Johnson - Bedford

Pauline Woodbury - Pittsburg

Dorothy Hammond - Laconia

Anthony Ryan - Lyme

Peter Rodts -New London

Curtis Litterer - Londonderry

David Ardolino - Hampstead

Nancy Vonderlinden - Nashua

Edward Josephson - Brentwood

D. J. Hayes - North Hampton

Nancy Vonderlinder - Nashua

Peter Borrows - Colebrook

Agnes Brooks- Colebrook


The campaign website is testermanforsenate.com.