Lambert For Congress - Where was Ann Kuster?

Nashua – Last night, Congresswoman Ann Kuster missed a significant part of a critical Veterans Affairs Committee hearing (see Kuster’s empty chair below). Today, former State Senator and 2nd District congressional candidate Gary Lambert released the following statement:


“Evidently, Ann Kuster doesn’t place much more importance on taking care of our nation’s veterans. She couldn’t even be bothered to show up on time for a critical Veterans Affairs Committee hearing on the recent VA scandal. As a veteran, I find it appalling that my representative doesn’t think that 57,000 veterans being made to wait for the healthcare they earned is an important enough issue to show up for. Granite State veterans deserve better care than they are getting from the VA and they deserve better representation than they are getting from Ann Kuster.


Furthermore, as a voter and a veteran, I would like to know what was more important than our veterans. Representative Kuster, where were you when you should have been doing your job?”