NHDP - Flailing Garcia Campaign Lacking Support in Second Congressional District

More Than Half of Garcia's Endorsers Are From Outside Her District 

Concord, NH--Marilinda Garcia has repeatedly failed to garner endorsements from supporters who can actually vote for her in November. Each time her campaign has released a list of endorsements, the vast majority of them are from outside the congressional district in which she is running. Her original list of 67 supporters included 38 from CD 1, and her follow up list of 52 supporters included another 32 from CD1. It seems her messy, fledgling campaign cannot scrape up enough support in CD 2 for even one satisfactory press release. 
“Frankly, Marilinda Garcia's lists of endorsers are an embarrassment. For someone who believes she is fit to represent New Hampshire's second congressional district, it's laughable that more than half of her 'endorsers' are from elsewhere,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “Not only does Marilinda Garcia not show up for votes, listen to her constituents, or know where her endorsers live, but her radical Tea Party stances would adversely impact the families of the second congressional district. New Hampshire deserves better."
Garcia clandestinely filed for office yesterday. Perhaps that is because, despite boasting that she is a voice for millennials, a recent Concord Monitor article found only one young supporter, who can't vote for Garcia because he lives in CD 1.