NHDP - Granite State Democrats File for State Senate

22 Democrats To File For State Senate at the Secretary of State's Office
Concord, NH- Today, in a display of unity and enthusiasm, 22 New Hampshire Democrats filed their candidacy for State Senate at 11 a.m. at the State House with the Secretary of State.
"Democrats are incredibly excited about our field of candidates for State Senate, who will fight for Granite State working families and support Governor Hassan's strong bipartisan leadership in Concord," said Chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party Ray Buckley. "Our candidates represent all walks of life in this state, each sharing a deep dedication to public service. They are small business owners, educators, community advocates and highly accomplished legislators. All of these candidates are prepared and eager to hit the ground running with aggressive grassroots campaigns focusing on common sense solutions that place people over politics, strengthen middle class families and fight for New Hampshire small businesses." 
What: Democratic State Senators and candidates officially file for office at Secretary of State's office in Concord.
Who: District 1- Senator Jeff Woodburn
District 2- Carolyn Mello
District 3- John White
District 4- Senator David Watters
District 5- Senator David Pierce
District 6- Rich Leonard
District 7- Senator Andrew Hosmer
District 8- Representative Linda Tanner
District 9- Lee Nyquist
District 10- Senator Molly Kelly
District 11-Roger Tilton
District 12- Senator Peggy Gilmour
District 13- Senator Bette Lasky
District 14- Kate Messner
15- Kass Ardinger
District 17- Nancy Fraher
District 18- Senator Donna Soucy
District 19- Kristi St. Laurent
District 20- Senator Lou D'Allesandro
District 21- Senator Martha Fuller Clark
District 23- Representative Donna Schlachman
District 24- Representative Chris Muns
*Partial listing, potential primaries.