NHDP - Launch Petition & Web Ad Calling on Scott Brown to Release Financial Disclosure Form

People of New Hampshire Deserve Answers Following Brown’s Penny Stock Scandal

Concord, NH— Unanswered questions about Scott Brown's $1.3 million role as an advisor to a shady company run by executives sued for fraud are prompting new calls for him to file and release his financial disclosure form, including a petition drive and web ad launched today by the New Hampshire Democrats.
“Every Senate candidate in this race has filed and made public a personal financial disclosure, except Scott Brown. Serious unanswered questions about his role with a shady penny stock company, raise even more questions about what he is trying to hide,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “With this petition, voters have the ability to let Scott Brown know that they deserve some answers. New Hampshire families don’t want a Senator who has been bought-and-paid for by corporate special interests, hedge fund gurus, and manipulative penny stock firms.”
The petition can be found here. To see a preview of the ad, see below. 
New Hampshire Democrats aren't the only ones calling for Brown to come clean and answer questions. Brown’s Republican primary opponent Bob Smith has called on him to file his financial disclosure form, according to the Boston Globe:
“You should be proactive in situations like this and get the information out there,” Smith, the former chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee, said in an interview. “By the time you get that in August, and analyze it and try to figure out what’s going on, almost the election’s on top of you. You don’t have enough time to react.”
Former Massachusetts GOP gubernatorial aide Virginia Buckingham on WCVB's "On the Record" said:  
"Well, I think it has. It’s a distraction, at least. If I were him, I would release his financial disclosure right away. Get whatever the questions are out there, on the table, answer them, move on, and talk about the issues." 
The Nashua Telegraph editorial board agreed:
“New Hampshire voters deserve to know how much Brown was paid for his appearance at the Bellagio gathering, and they deserve to be told now, for two reasons: First, to give Republicans who might be weighing Brown’s candidacy against others in the primary field the opportunity to properly evaluate which big-money interests Brown might be beholden to, and just how deeply. That is an issue that could have some bearing on whether Brown can beat Shaheen in a general election, and the sooner it gets put out there, the better for voters trying to make up their minds.
“The other reason Brown should come clean right away on how much he was paid to speak at the hedge-fund conference is to eliminate the appearance that he is hiding something.”
The Concord Monitor echoed the same sentiment:
“As a private citizen, Brown is entitled to seek his fortune, but as a seeker of public office he owes the people a proper accounting. To wait until a month before voters must choose the Republican who will challenge Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is the worst kind of political sleight of hand.”