NHDP - NH College Students Call on Scott Brown To Tell Them How He Would Have Voted on Student Loan Bill

Concord, NH—Today, following the defeat of Senator Shaheen’s legislation to help current student loan borrowers refinance at lower interest rates by Senate Republicans, New Hampshire college students spoke out to call on Scott Brown to come clean and tell students and families his position on the much-needed legislation. Only three Republicans voted for this bill.
“College students in New Hampshire like me are hurting, and we literally cannot afford to have a Senator like Scott Brown representing us in the U.S. Senate,” said Ari Thapa of Hooksett, who attends Saint Anselm College in Manchester. “Brown owes it to Granite State students to own up to his stance on loan refinancing. We have an ally in Jeanne Shaheen, and Scott Brown does not share our priorities.”
“The choice in this election is clear for students: Jeanne Shaheen is fighting for us, and Scott Brown is in this for himself,” said Travis Bennett, who attends Plymouth State University. “That choice was on display today as Senator Shaheen fought to allow eligible borrowers to refinance our student loans while Scott Brown was silent. Well, Mr. Brown, students deserve to know what they are getting if they cast a vote for you at the ballot box.”
“As someone who depends on student loans, I would be directly affected by Senator Shaheen’s legislation. I’m so thankful that she is in Washington fighting for me, rather than Scott Brown—who hasn't said where he stands on this common sense bill,” said Miranda Myers of Weare, who attends New England College in Henniker. “Scott Brown should know that Granite State students are not campaign props. We are real people with very real, often crippling debt. He needs to stop showboating on these ‘listening tours’ and be honest about Senator Shaheen’s legislation.”