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WOLFEBORO Today, Gail Huff Brown hosted a roundtable discussion with local residents to discuss high energy costs and their impact on household budgets. As part of the ongoing "Making Energy Affordable" tour, Huff highlighted the campaign's "all of the above" energy plan set to decrease costs and increase safe domestic energy production.
“Heading into the summer season, families remain concerned over high prices at the pump that are taking more money out of our wallets," said Huff.  "It is time to work on a commonsense approach to reduce costs and move toward energy independence to support our economy and provide relief for hardworking families.  

Brown’s plan would call for the immediate construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, lowering costs for New Hampshire residents and increasing domestic production.  This "all of the above" energy approach would also rein in the EPA's regulatory authority, promote renewable energy technology and strengthen funding for the Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program.  
“With the economy already struggling to produce good paying jobs—the last thing we need is to pay more at the pump to get to and from work,” said Andrea Paterson. “I’m glad Scott Brown is addressing the rising energy costs and presenting commonsense solutions to reduce the burdens on New Hampshire families and businesses.”

Click here to read the white paper.

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