Gardner Goldsmith For US Senate - Goldsmith Files for US Senate Run!

By Gardner Goldsmith on Jun 11, 2014 11:29 pm

Goldsmith for US Senate

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For Release: June 12, 2014

Gardner Goldsmith Files for US Senate Run

Today, author, television scriptwriter and public speaker P. Gardner Goldsmith arrived in Concord from his childhood home in Amherst to file as the Libertarian candidate for the 2014 US Senate against Jeanne Shaheen, and the prospective GOP candidate.

Goldsmith’s reasons are numerous, and center on principles.

“The courageous men and women of the Revolutionary Era understood ideals that are not popular among establishment politicians like Jeanne Shaheen and the GOP’s likely choice, Scott Brown,” he said.

“They understood that you have natural rights to your life, your liberty, and the fruits of your labor. They understood that you have a right to defend all those things with arms, without ANY interference from politicians and bureaucrats. They understood that you have a right to privacy, and formulated rules in the Constitution to protect against precisely the kinds of unwarranted searches that happen on phone and internet systems, in private homes, in airports, and in cars every oppressive day in contemporary America.”

“They wrote rules for the operation of the US government and clearly enumerated the powers granted to it.

“But today’s politicians pay no heed. They send the US military on aggressive missions without a legal Declaration of War in order to torture captives contrary to the Geneva Accords. They kill people without trial – men, women and children — by hitting them with drones, then tell us those who seek retribution hate America for our supposed freedoms.

“They take not only our money, but the money of people not even born, forcing servitude on them — to labor without personal consent. And they give us childish excuses. They say that ‘America has spoken’, or they are ‘defending freedom’, or they are ‘investing in America.’

“The last time I looked, theft and redistribution of wealth weren’t ‘investments’.”

Goldsmith concluded with this warning.

“This observation is one of not only Democrats and the current occupant of the White House, but of the establishment GOP. Scott Brown voted for the indefinite detention of Americans under the National Defense Authorization Act… And so did Jeanne Shaheen. Brown recently told radio host Howie Carr that he would ‘never sponsor a bill to further restrict the right to keep and bear arms’ but he did not say he would never vote for one if it were sponsored by someone ELSE. Meanwhile, Jeanne Shaheen sees fit to invade your medical privacy via her outrageous support for the so-called ‘Affordable Care Act’.

“They are shells lacking principle. Avatars without spines. They are dangerous to you, your earnings, and the futures of your children. They make nebulous statements about their love of home and country while burning the document that gives them their seats in power.

“They spit in your faces and call it rain. It’s time to stop the abuse and vote libertarian. Show them you are an individual. Show them your worth. You still have a chance to stand up for principle.”