Martin For US Senate - University of NH charged with civil rights violations in senate race

Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin charges the University of New Hampshire with civil rights violations


Andy charges that university officials acted, combined and conspired with the Union Leader and WMUR television station to issue polls that were fixed and rigged in advance


(Manchester, NH) (June 13, 2014) 


Dear Republican:


Friday morning I will file suit against the University of New Hampshire (UNH) for committing federal civil rights violations against my campaign for the U. S. Senate.


Once the lawsuit has been accepted by the clerk of court, I will send out a copy for your review.


This action comes with a heavy heart. Both my mother and Uncle Bill Vasiliou are UNH graduates. I was a regular visitor to the campus in the 1950’s and 60’s; only a football injury changed the course of my college education. So I am very sad to have to charge UNH with seeking to destroy my campaign.


Why did UNH officials violate the law?


UNH operates a “Survey Center” where they conduct polls for themselves and for private organizations. As a state university, UNH is a “state actor.” That means that as an agency of state government the university may not engage in dirty tricks, fraud or misrepresentation. Justice Cardozo stated the matter succinctly when he said: “[The state] is held to a higher standard than the morals of the marketplace.”


The Union Leader newspaper and WMUR have decided to destroy my campaign for the U. S. Senate. There are many reasons for the paper’s and station’s hostility. In order to stay in business the Union Leader covers up local corruption. I am a nationally-recognized corruption fighter and investigator. WMUR is owned by the powerful Hearst family which has a long history of journalistic fraud.


The station and paper have tried to “erase” me from the 2014 election. They have announced “debates” from which I will be excluded while they are inviting “patsy” candidates as “sparring partners” for their preferred stooge, Scott Brown. They don’t want Scott Brown to face a nationally-known, highly experienced opponent.


WMUR and the Union Leader got UNH to issue “polls” that were fixed and rigged in advance to exclude any possibility that my name would appear in the polls. I wrote to the Survey Center director, Andrew Smith, and he declined to deny my accusations. The law permits an individual and a court to draw an “adverse inference” from a situation where someone should produce evidence or deny illegal action, and remains silent.


And so we are headed to court in a truth-seeking effort to stop New Hampshire from becoming the Payton Place of American politics. “Drive-by voting” in which out of state voters register on Election Day, vote, and then disappear has become a statewide scandal.


Millions of dollars are being dumped into this state by a Chicago billionaire and others to buy a senate seat for Scott Brown. Likewise, California millionaires are trying to keep a senate seat in Jeanne Shaheen’s hands. Why? Because Brown and Shaheen are for sale in Washington. Using the accustomed protocols of Washington politics, Brown’s and Shaheen’s votes are for sale.


After serving only a short time in Washington, Brown became a wealthy man. He received $1.3 million in stock for what was almost a bribe, supposedly to “perform” a do-nothing, no show “job.” Shaheen and her husband have an elaborate system designed to insulate her from pay-to-play accusations. The system in Washington stinks. I am committed to fighting corruption the same way I have battled public and political corruption since I was a young law school graduate fighting organized crime.


You should protest that your vote is being devalued by out-of-state fixers that have even managed to get UNH officials to participate in fixed and rigged polls, all focused on one goal, making a mockery of the 2014 election by defeating my campaign.


Your vote counts. Don’t let them steal it from you with rigged polls and an endless barrage of phony TV commercials.






P.S. Please do the right thing. Open your mind. Consider voting for me in the primary. You’ll be proud you did.