NHDP - Havenstein’s First Ad Omits His Failed Record at SAIC and Koch Brothers Agenda

Concord, NH—Failed businessman Walt Havenstein released his first campaign ad today, which tellingly fails to mention his disastrous record as CEO of SAIC or his Bill O’Brien/Koch Brothers anti-middle class agenda that would hurt hard-working Granite Staters and take our economy backwards.
“It’s not at all surprising that Walt Havenstein’s first ad fails to mention his disastrous record as CEO of SAIC, where analysts say the company struggled under the strategy he put in place as he oversaw thousands of job losses and a plummeting stock price--all while facing contracting scandals,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “It’s also telling that the ad sidesteps Havenstein’s anti-middle class policy positions taken straight out of the Bill O’Brien/Koch Brothers playbook, which would hurt hard-working Granite State families. Once voters know the real facts about Walt Havenstein, they’ll see his failed leadership and Koch Brothers agenda would take our state in the wrong direction.”  
For more information about Havenstein's failed leadership, visit WaltFacts.com. 

And here are a few facts that we think should've been included in Walt's first ad:
Havenstein’s Failed Leadership at SAIC:
Havenstein’s Bill O’Brien/Koch Brothers Anti-Middle Class Agenda:
  • Havenstein opposes bipartisan Medicaid expansion, the bipartisan transportation funding plan and measures to restore and improve the state minimum wage. [Sources: NHDP Release April, 17, 2014NHDP Release, May 1, 2014]  
  • Havenstein is misleading voters on women’s health issues, telling the voters of New Hampshire one thing while telling his Republican backers that he supports restrictions on the right for women to make their own healthcare decision. [Source: Union Leader, April 21, 2014]
  • Havenstein said he would consider repealing Marriage Equality and even vowed to veto constitutional amendment banning discrimination based on sexual orientation – which a governor can’t even do. [Sources:YouTubeNashua Telegraph, May 21, 2014]