ALG's Daily Grind - Liberals Wrong about Dave Brat on Fannie, Freddie


June 13, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds granted.

Mother Jones shoots and misses at Dave Brat on Fannie, Freddie
Did government cause the financial crisis? Dave Brat thinks so.

House Republican leadership: Where are the conservatives?
Wanted: Conservative House leadership candidates.

Obama national monument designations destroy communities, extinguish mining claims
On May 21, Obama declared the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks region of New Mexico, nearly 500,000 acres, a national monument—his eleventh such designation so far.

Pethokoukis: Team Obama says, Sorry, America, the 'new normal' may be here to stay
"US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said the US GDP growth rate, adjusted for inflation, is now projected to run a little above 2 percent a year. That would be a significant downshift from the 3.4 percent average growth rate from the end of World War II until 2007."