NHDP - Brown’s Embarrassing Week in Wake of Scandal, Cantor Defeat

Concord, NH—Scott Brown’s campaign was clearly reeling this week, following last week’s litany of revelations regarding his advisory role with a shady Florida-based beauty supply company turned arms manufacturer and the resounding primary defeat of Eric Cantor by a more conservative candidate. Brown’s campaign floundered and suffered from severe foot-in-mouth disease, as its candidate remained completely M.I.A.
“Scott Brown continues to reel following his penny stock scandal—which could spark a securities investigation—and Eric Cantor’s defeat by a more conservative candidate in his GOP primary,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “Brown and his campaign team are scrambling—that much is clear. With Cantor’s loss, they are spooked and lashing out through bizarre attacks on a New Hampshire poet laureate, inaccurate press releases that confuse Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and baffling memos that were widely mocked by national politicos and members of the media. Meanwhile, Brown himself was nowhere to be found. This was a real banner week.”
The Highlights:
Eric Cantor’s Loss Called Brown’s Status in His GOP Primary Into Question
Members of the press draw parallels between Eric Cantor’s loss to a more conservative candidate in his primary to Scott Brown’s GOP primary in Massachusetts.
Boston Globe: “The Cantor loss could also change the thinking about the US Senate race in New Hampshire, where Scott Brown, the former Massachusetts senator, is facing a primary challenge from former New Hampshire senator Bob Smith, a more conservative candidate.”
Brown Campaign Releases Desperate and Unintentionally Hilarious Memo
The Brown campaign release a memo that declared Eric Cantor’s loss to be a bad sign for Jeanne Shaheen. National reporters and politicos took notice.
@guycecil: Most ridiculous memo so far: Why Jeanne Shaheen Should Be Worried About Eric Cantor's Election Loss. Good luck with that ‪@SenScottBrown
@Rob_Flaherty: Wow. This is actually embarrassing. ‪https://www.scottbrown.com/memo-jeanne-shaheen-worried-eric-cantors-election-loss-2/ … ‪#NHSen
@JesseFFerguson: Dear Scott Brown campaign, I'm all for spin. Do it for a living. Don't lose ALL your credibility in one day. Thanks.

Brown Campaign Attacks Prominent New Hampshire Resident and Poet Laureate in Boston Globe
Following the publication of a poem by New Hampshire resident and U.S. poet laureate Donald Hall in theConcord Monitor, Scott Brown’s campaign lashed out with a bizarre attack.
Boston Globe: “A Brown spokeswoman, Elizabeth Guyton, responded to the poem in a statement. ‘It’s not surprising partisan poets and loyal Obama supporters are lining up behind Senator Shaheen because she’s a blind vote for President Obama and Democrats in Washington,’ she said. ‘Scott Brown’s focused on earning the support of grassroots leaders across New Hampshire, and later today he will roll out his statewide list of county chairs.’”
Brown Campaign Releases Press Release Referring to Worcester, Massachusetts as “In Town” for New Hampshire
In an attempt to change the conversation, Brown campaign manager Colin Reed issued a press release calling Worcester, Mass. “in town.” It’s not at all in town. It’s not even in the same state.
Washington Post: “When your aim is to endear yourself to a new constituency, suggesting that your old and new states are one and the same (it’s all New England, we guess) may not be politically wise.”
As Brown Embarrassed Himself, Conservatives Lined Up Against Him
Eric Cantor’s defeat emboldened Brown’s opponents, Bob Smith and Jim Rubens. Meanwhile, Karen Testerman dropped out to throw her support behind Bob Smith, consolidating conservative support against Brown.
Rubens: “Eric Cantor’s defeat is an air raid siren loud enough to be heard even through the Washington establishment’s tin ear…Voters are fed up to their eye teeth with career politicians busy feathering their own nests and who have forgotten about their constituents. Their river of campaign money will not defeat the candidate who has built the grassroots support.”
Smith Campaign: “Cantor’s Loss in Virginia an Ominous Sign for Scott Brown and Establishment…While Scott Brown has been in Las Vegas accepting speaking fees at a hedge fund gathering and ducking debates in New Hampshire, Senator Smith has been meeting the voters of New Hampshire and talking about how to take back our country.”
Karen Testerman: “I will not force our principle-driven primary voters to make a self-defeating choice.  After much prayer and consultation, I will step aside to allow Senator Bob Smith to be the ONLY conservative name on the primary ballot.”
Brown Remains Silent on Student Loan Refinancing Bill
College students call on Scott Brown to tell them how he would have voted on Senator Shaheen’s legislation to help current student loan borrowers refinance at lower interest rates.
NH College Students React: “As someone who depends on student loans, I would be directly affected by Senator Shaheen’s legislation. I’m so thankful that she is in Washington fighting for me, rather than Scott Brown—who hasn't said where he stands on this common sense bill,” said Miranda Myers of Weare, who attends New England College in Henniker. “Scott Brown should know that Granite State students are not campaign props. We are real people with very real, often crippling debt. He needs to stop showboating on these ‘listening tours’ and be honest about Senator Shaheen’s legislation.”