Testerman For US Senate - United We Stand

CONCORD, NH  Today, in an unprecedented move, U.S. Senate candidate Karen Testerman announced to her supporters that she would step aside to ensure that only one conservative candidate is on the Republican Primary Ballot for New Hampshire.  


"During my involvement in this war for the heart and soul of America, time and again, I observe elections where candidates who fully embrace the principles of the Republican Party split the conservative vote-thus enabling the candidate who compromises our basic tenets of life, liberty and property to slide into victory.  This happened recently in South Carolina and it happened in the 2012 2


Congressional District race here in NH and it happened in 2010 when I ran for governor.  I will not let it happen again.  


"The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again - expecting a different result.  We MUST break the patterns of the past in order to WIN the future.   At this critical juncture in preparation for the New Hampshire Republican Primary for the U.S. Senate, it is critical that only one principled conservative candidate is listed on the primary ballot.


"It is time for all of us to put aside pride and focus on our greater GOAL, that of fighting for Family, Faith and Freedom.  I will not force our principle-driven primary voters to make a self-defeating choice.  After much prayer and consultation, I will step aside to allow Senator Bob Smith to be the ONLY conservative name on the primary ballot.  


"Let us UNITE as one band of supporters behind Senator Bob Smith as he files to become THE conservative Republican nominee for US Senate in 2014.  

We MUST take back America!"