Shaheen For US Senate - Father's Day photos

Dear Friends,

On Father's Day each year, we take time to recognize Dads everywhere. That's why I wanted to send a quick note from my family to yours, wishing everyone a Happy Father's Day.

Jeanne Shaheen and family.

My own father was a World War II veteran and worked his way up to a management position at a shoe manufacturing company. I was so blessed to celebrate Father's Day with all the dads in my life this weekend. My husband Billy is simply the best father Stefany, Stacey and Molly could have hoped for, and I am more proud every day of our seven grandchildren, all being raised in families with wonderful fathers.

While Father's Day and Mother's Day give us the opportunity to honor dads and moms respectively, those holidays are really about celebrating family and being together. In the Senate, I've been most proud of my work to help make a difference for Granite State families: from advocating for small, family-owned businesses, to fighting to keep student loan rates low, to making sure veterans returning home to their families get the care they have earned.

I was so thankful my family was able to gather together this weekend - something we try hard to make happen as often as possible, even in the midst of a busy campaign and even busier Little League, recital, and summer camp schedules for Nicolas, A.J., Caraline, Annah, William, Elle, and Reese.

I wanted to share a few photos from the weekend that I thought you might like to see: click here to see some of my favorite shots of Bill, our girls and grandkids.

I hope you all enjoyed this weekend and were able to spend time with friends and family. I can't thank you enough for standing with me throughout this campaign, and I look forward to seeing and speaking with you all in the coming months as I travel across New Hampshire.

Thank you,