Gov. Hassan Let’s Franken Mail her list because NH and MN are so alike…


Manchester, NH -- In a very unique attempt to make a few dollars off Governor Maggie Hassan’s donors, Minnesota US Liberal Senator Al Franken sent an email blast to individuals on Maggie Hassan’s email list, drawing a questionable comparison between New Hampshire and Minnesota.  The email in its entirety is below, but it reads in part:


 New Hampshire and Minnesota have some things in common…

“ ...In both our states, the people have clearly said that they want a government that works. Maggie Hassan knows how to make that happen in Concord.”


Minnesota and New Hampshire are actually quite different.  Minnesota has a 6.875 sales tax, more for areas where it is levied additionally at the county and city level.  Minnesota has an income tax that starts at 5.35% and stretches as high as 9.85 percent for those making $153,000.


“By the looks of the tax structure of our two states, I’d say that our profiles don’t look at a lot alike,” said Andrew Hemingway, NH Republican Gubernatorial candidate. “There are certainly a lot of people who would like to see a broad-based tax in New Hampshire and one has to wonder why Governor Hassan would allow this promotion to compare the two.  We do want a Government that works, the Senator is right there.  But I’d argue against he and Governor Hassan, that New Hampshire--staring a budget crisis in the face--doesn’t have a government working right.”


Al Franken was elected in a controversial race in 2008.


“Al Franken is easily one of the most liberal members in either body of Congress.  I have been saying that the company you choose to keep can say a lot about a politician, Governor Hassan’s decision to help Senator Franken says a lot to me about her,”  Hemingway concluded.

Full text of Franken/Hassan email below.


Al Franken - U.S. Senator, Minnesota

Dear Jeff,


New Hampshire and Minnesota have some things in common -- the people in both states dislike rampant partisanship, demand competence and integrity from their public officials, and both deal with cold winters by bundling up and playing pond hockey.


In both our states, the people have clearly said that they want a government that works. Maggie Hassan knows how to make that happen in Concord. I know how to do it in the Senate. But neither of us can accomplish much on our own.


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