Jane Cormier Announces Bid for NH Senate 16

Former State Rep files paperwork with NH Secretary of State


After moving to Hooksett for business and family reasons, Jane Cormier has resigned her seat in the NH House of Representatives. "Making this decision to leave Alton and my constituents was not easy," she said.  

Having spent much time traveling throughout NH on local control issues, Cormier would still like to serve in some capacity. She has decided to run for the NH State Senate in District 16, serving the communities of Bow, Candia, Dunbarton, Hooksett and Wards 1, 2, and 12 of Manchester.

Cormier said, "There are many reasons why I am looking at this possibility, the first of them being a deep concern that our government is not listening to its people. Governmental overreach and taxes are on the rise in New Hampshire with Medicaid Expansion and the new Gas Tax. Regulation is strangling our small businesses and our state faces lower revenues and credit downgrading."

The NH Senate has 24 people who hold a large responsibility in how New Hampshire moves ahead in 2015. Cormier feels it is crucial we elect public servants — NOT POLITICIANS —  who stand for small governance, low taxes, and local control. "We need leaders with strong vision and strong  voices to answer the challenges facing the Granite State," she continued.

Cormier concluded that she is "looking forward to exploring all the possibilities of making NH great. The bigger the government, the smaller your voice. As a former opera singer and director, I am all about the VOICE. But this time, however, that VOICE is the peoples'."