NHDP - On Phony Education Tour: Brown Offers Up Empty Promises And Fails To Pay His Bill

Without financial disclosure, we don’t know who’s paying him.
Without real proposals, we don’t know how he pays for his promises.


Concord, NH—As Scott Brown launches another phony tour and we still don’t know who’s paying him, we now also don’t know how he’s going to pay for his policy promises. The latest: Brown’s empty education plan copies legislation introduced by Senator Jeanne Shaheen, but fails to say how he’ll pay for it. 
“Scott Brown’s so-called education plan is full of empty promises and double-talk. New Hampshire students and their families deserve straight answers from Scott Brown,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain
Legislation introduced by Senator Jeanne Shaheen with Senator Elizabeth Warren, which was debated on the Senate floor last week, would allow students to refinance their loans at lower rates and save families thousands of dollars.  The legislation is paid with the “Buffett Rule,” that asks millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share of taxes, or a tax rate closer to that paid by working people. The bill fell short by only two votes, because Republicans refused to support it.
"Just as Brown has still failed to file his financial disclosure form, which would tell New Hampshire more about his shady business deals, he is failing to say how he’ll pay for his promises, specifically rejecting a proposal to ask millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share so college students pay less for their education,” said McClain.  
In New Hampshire, the Shaheen-Warren plan would've been particularly beneficial; 74% of New Hampshire graduates finish school in debt, on average, about $33,000--the second highest in the country.