Rubens For US Senate - Campaign Endorser List Keeps Growing

Today the Jim Rubens for U.S. Senate campaign released a new list of endorsers who see the urgent need for his thoughtful conservative leadership and bold solutions to our nation's pressing challenges. Commenting on this latest round of endorsements, Rubens states:

"Voters understand that we face challenging times that demand extraordinary leadership. We will never address our nation's economic, debt, and big government problems if we keep sending the same political careerists to Washington. I am offering concrete and credible solutions to restore vigor to our private economy, protect individual liberties such as those guaranteed under the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments, and stop the tide of endless government debt that will destroy our currency. My commitment is to our nation, to our Constitution and to the people of New Hampshire."

Former State Rep. Donald Andolina, Dover
Ralph Demicco, owner Riley's Sport Shop
Former Executive Councilor Ruth Griffin, Portsmouth
Cynthia & Phil Howard, Claremont
Former State Rep. Paul LaCasse, Claremont
Mike Lorrey, Enfield
Ed Naile, Deering, Chair of Coalition of NH Taxpayers
(endorsing in his personal capacity, no endorsement received or implied from the organization)
Jim Scamman, Stratham
Charles & Judy Shore, Claremont
State Rep. Colette Worsman, Meredith