CEI Today: EPA testimony, TSA body scanners, finance for the people, and more

Thursday, June 19, 2014
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Today, the House Energy and Commerce Committee will hear testimony from EPA's Janet McCabe about the agency's plans to impose carbon limits on existing power plants.

How Can EPA’s ‘Clean Power Plan’ Deliver $Billions in Climate Benefits If It Has No Detectable Impact on Global Temperatures, Sea-Level Rise, or Other Climate Indicators?


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CEI.org: One Year Later: TSA Still Flouting the Law on Body Scanners


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) uses more than 700 full-body imaging scanners in 160 airports nationwide. In addition to the empirical evidence that shows they don’t actually make us safer and the questions on the intrusion of traveler privacy, the TSA is violating the federal Administrative Procedure Act. Next Tuesday, June 24, marks the one-year anniversary of the public comment deadline on body scanners and the TSA is still failing to comply with federal law and a federal court’s order. > Read more

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The Freeman: Finance for the People; Peer-to-peer finance is democratizing access to capital
The world—especially the United States—stands on the brink of a new era of democratization of finance, as technology expands access to capital to ever more of us. We could all be capitalists—if the regulators allow it.

The trouble is that these innovations are now attracting the attention of regulators. The Department of Justice is targeting payment processors in a regulatory crackdown known as Operation Choke Point.
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Globalwarming.org: IRS Email Imbroglio Triggers Trip Down Memory Lane…Directly To EPA’s “Contumacious Conduct” under Carol Browner


You’ve likely read or heard about how a supposed technological glitch resulted in the loss of ex-IRS official Lois Lerner’s emails from the very period of time when she allegedly used state power to prosecute the President’s political enemies. Lerner’s “honest” mistake evokes an even more blatant circumvention of transparency laws and ethical norms: Landmark Legal Foundation v. EPA.

In the course of the suit, the federal district court for the District of Columbia issued an injunctive order prohibiting EPA from destroying any relevant records. That an injunction was necessary is telling. Nonetheless, in blatant contravention of the court’s order, “the hard drives of several EPA officials were reformatted, email backup tapes were erased an reused, and individuals deleted emails received after that date.” 
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