NHDP - Historic Fundraising Period Puts NH State Senate Democrats in Position To Take Majority

Caucus Reports Record-Breaking Amount of Cash on Hand
Candidates and Caucus Combined Have Raised Over $1 Million to Date


Concord, NH—The New Hampshire Democratic State Senate Caucus is reporting another impressive fundraising quarter, which has its candidates poised to take the majority this election season. It has a record-breaking amount of cash on hand, and the Caucus and candidates combined have raised over $1 million to date this campaign cycle.
“The Senate Caucus has bought in a record-breaking haul, which will help give our phenomenal candidates the resources they need to take the majority in November,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley. “It’s clear that we have the momentum, and we have the strongest candidates. Now, we also have a historic amount of cash-on-hand. There is no doubt that New Hampshire families across the state are saying ‘enough is enough, it’s time for Democratic leadership in the Senate.’”
The Senate Caucus has $148,000 cash on hand. At this time in 2012, it had $37,720; in 2010, $86,220; in 2008, $107,462.