Rubens For US Senate - Jim Rubens is Forcing the Debate

Jim Rubens, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate offered the following statement regarding the New Hampshire Republican Party's "Unity Pledge":

"Here in New Hampshire, Republican voters expect to be able to fully vet candidates for high office, and candidates usually recognize the importance of this process. This is especially true for U.S. Senate, where each Senator is one of only 100 and serves a six year term.

"Given the seriousness of our nation's challenges, it is vital that each candidate lay out their positions on the key issues and submit themselves to thoughtful, critical and unfiltered questioning in a public setting. I have been doing this for over one year and am a better candidate for it.

"That is why, when asked to sign the unity pledge, I pushed back asking the NHGOP to force Scott Brown to participate in debates. He had previously declined or ignored debate requests, committing only to a short segment this week and another debate less than a week before from the election, both restrictive formats.

"I am encouraged to see that Scott Brown has relented, agreeing to my requests and will now participate in two additional debates.

"I will debate the other two candidates in this race anytime and anywhere, and why wouldn't I? I have nothing to hide. I am offering bold solutions to bring our great nation back from the brink. We need to replace rubber-stamp Jeanne Shaheen with a Senator who can demonstrate the thoughtful, conservative leadership needed to represent New Hampshire and to solve tough problems.

"Some in our party have questioned my commitment to the Republican Party because I had refused to sign a pledge to prospectively endorse a candidate whose positions on the key issues were either unknown or, worse, antithetical to Republican principles.

"I took this stand for the benefit of our party because I know the only way to defeat Jeanne Shaheen in November is to have a strong Republican candidate who can debate and contrast her on all the issues where she is wrong. More important to Republican victory than who I endorse is who the voters support. Shielding our candidates from debate leaves voters disengaged and does not prepare our nominee to defeat Jeanne Shaheen in November.

"That is why I felt it was in the best interest of our party to force the issue to be sure the debates happen.

"I believe I am the best candidate to represent the Republican party, but if I'm not, I want it to be someone who has been properly vetted and has faced the tough questions. It will be up to Republican voters to decide if Scott Brown agreeing to these two debates is sufficient.

"I am proud to have restored the process that New Hampshire voters deserve. I am confident in their judgment on this matter and am now comfortable signing the pledge."

Jim Rubens is standing up for New Hampshire voters.  Please show your support by considering a donation in any amount.