Testerman For US Senate - Another Week of Endorsements by Team Testerman

Team Testerman Endorsements Announced


Today, U.S. Senate candidate Karen Testerman released another week of Endorsements who are rallying around the only "True Republican Platform Candidate."

Testerman provided the following statement:

"I am honored to receive the support of those listed here. They represent New Hampshire's commitment to a candidate that has lived a principled life, who will bring truth and integrity to Washington, DC. I will represent the people of New Hampshire and defend the Constitution upon which depends the freedom of future generations."

"True, authentic leaders exhibit the uncommon willingness to serve the common good of society without expecting any personal gain. In her willingness to protect the valuable heritage of American tradition, rooted in virtue, family and faith, Karen displays that leadership ability."


John Richie


I'm very excited to recommend Karen Testerman for US Senate. Karen is a strong advocate for families and is just what NH and the United States need. She is fiscally conservative and will be certain the values of our founding fathers will be honored in America today and in our future so our children won't be burdened by the poor choices of our current leaders. Karen is a friend to our military, and their families. Karen is a strong leader and someone I am proud to recommend and call my friend.


Susan Christiansen


I am honored to recommend Karen as a candidate for U. S. Senate. As an activist, she has fought valiantly on the issues which matter most to families, She believes that a government that taxes less and has limited power works best. Most of all, she will fight to preserve our constitution to keep our country the land of the free and the home of the brave.


Cynthia Howard - Claremont 

Doug & Gigi Lambert - Gilford

Lynn Briggs - Amherst

Valerie Horn Page - Candia

Moe Fournier - Nashua

David LaFlamme - Northwood

Pauline and Bob Woodward - Pittsburg

Howard Lund - Derry

Phillip Howard - Claremont

Virginia Austin - Dunbarton

Oneil Croteau - Milan

Kenneth Dale - Keene

Herb & Helena Garbarini - Rye

Harry Doutt - Nashua