Testerman For US Senate - Respected Leader Endorsement

Team Testerman Announces 

"Bob" Giuda Endorsement


Team Testerman proudly announces the endorsement of former New Hampshire State Representative from Warren, former Congressional Candidate, and founder of the Americans for Resolution for Kashmir.  


Karen Testerman issued the following statement, "It is an honor to accept the endorsement of such a leader as Bob Giuda."



Being now a father and grandfather, I am given to reflect on the recent direction our nation has taken and what it portends for future generations of Americans. The issues facing America today are as serious as any that have faced us over the course of our history. But their breadth and complexity do not matter if we elect leaders who understand, respect and adhere to the bedrock values upon which our nation was born, and who will respect and obey the Constitution which defines the role of government and protects us from its abuses. Those values which made America strong - faith, honesty, humility, and steadfastness - are repeatedly stressed by every Founding Father throughout the entirety of their writings. They understood that the future of our nation depended on an abiding respect for Almighty God as the author of all life.


In choosing a candidate during this difficult time in our history, I look for someone whose words and deeds reflect those bedrock values; who defends those values regardless of the shifting winds of political expediency; and who will sustain those values in the heat of political battle when the soul of a nation is at stake.


After much reflection and without reservation, it is my distinct honor and privilege to endorse Karen Testerman for U.S. Senate. She sacrificed much as a military wife and mother, and stood as an unwavering voice for 56 million unborn Americans brutally denied their unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. She has been a staunch advocate for families as the fundamental building blocks of civilization. And through her years of dedicated work, she has quietly demonstrated the faith, honesty, humility and steadfastness we need in Washington DC today. America was built by sacrifice, and I am supporting the only candidate in this race who has sacrificed without complaint, who has stood without fear, and who has spoken without hesitation about those issues that will be our legacy to future generations, both in America and around the world.


Hon. Robert J. Giuda

Warren, NH