List Names Over 100 Elected Officials, Activists, And Supporters
  MANCHESTER - Today, the Brown campaign released a list of 100 Rockingham County supporters. The list contains former and current elected officials and activists, and will continue to grow as the Brown campaign gains more grassroots momentum across the state. Over the past two weeks, the campaign has also hosted multiple organizational meetings to mobilize volunteer efforts and meet with voters.
"I am grateful for the growing grassroots support from Rockingham County residents and look forward to spreading our message to restore individual freedoms and fight for New Hampshire principles in Congress," said Brown.  "Washington is broken, and when I talk with Granite Staters I hear their concerns about a health care system that does not work, high energy prices and a dysfunctional Congress.  It is time for a change, and our families deserve an independent voice who will work to solve problems and provide better opportunities for all."


Salem Former House Speaker Donna Sytek
Stratham Former House Speaker Doug Scamman
Stratham Former Representative Stella Scamman
Hampton Senator Nancy Stiles
Brentwood Representative Curtis Grace
Hampton County Treasurer Edward "Sandy" Buck
Newmarket Representative Adam Schroadter
Stratham Representative Pat Abrami
Windham Representative Kevin Waterhouse
Windham Representative Mary Griffin
Salem Representative Ron Belanger
Auburn  Former Representative Jim Headd
Atkinson   Ryan Breton
Atkinson   Dan Gingras
Brentwood   Rob Hewins
Brentwood   Justin Thompson
Danville   Jack Gilchrist
Danville   Linda Roth
Danville   Laurie Roeger
Deerfield   Jan Cote
Deerfield   Carol Smiglin
East Hampstead   Theresa Gridley
Epping   Ron  Nowe
Epping   Nancy Kindler
Epping   Warren Kindler
Exeter   Dennis Brady
Exeter   Lori Guba
Greenland   Jack Middletal
Greenland   Tracy Middletal
Greenland   Tracy Middleton
Greenland   Turner Jones
Greenland   Wendy Stanley-Jones
Hampstead   Dale Meltzer
Hampstead   James Stilian
Hampton   Dave  Anderson
Hampton   Ann  Donahue
Hampton   Elaina Blodgett
Hampton   Sharon Buck
Hampton   Steve Derochi
Hampton   Dick Eaton
Hampton   Sharyn Eaton
Hampton   Joe Korowski
Hampton   Tony Manix
Hampton   Joan Bettcher
Hampton Falls   Liz O'Brien
Londonderry   Kathy  Wagner
Londonderry   Charles Lamport
Londonderry   Anne MacGrath
New Castle   Jill Jarvis
Newington   Meredith  Eib
Newton   Paula Pluff
Newton   Marina Pluff
North Hampton   Jane Morse
Northwood   Laurie  Gelinas
Portsmouth   Renee Plummer
Portsmouth   Dan Plummer
Portsmouth   David Burns
Portsmouth   Allie Hayes
Portsmouth   Deb Kajander
Portsmouth   Jack Kelley
Portsmouth   Christina Lusky
Portsmouth   Heidi McIntire
Portsmouth   Jonathan  Guarneri
Portsmouth   Chichi Goodman
Portsmouth   Becky Brown
Portsmouth   Norm Olsen
Portsmouth   Norm Silverdick
Portsmouth   Patrick Sullivan
Portsmouth   Jim Waddell
Portsmouth   Alison Hiatt
Rye   Phil Boynton
Rye   Danielle Maxwell
Rye   George  Muhoray
Rye   Max  Muhoray
Rye   Joe Guyton
Rye   Dodi  Guyton
Rye   Timothy Sanborn
Rye   Annie Wade
Rye   Greta St. Germain
Rye Beach   Leo Montalbano
Salem   Salvatore  Mele
Salem   Emil  Mikula
Salem   Robin Teuser
Salem   Nicolette  Schwab
Salem   Bill Teuser
Salem   Steve Campbell
Salem   Judy Galluzzo
Salem   Steven Goddu
Salem   Everett McBride
Salem   Steve McCarthy
Salem   Paul Pelletier
Salem   Steven F. Russell
Seabrook   Arleigh Greene
Seabrook   Austin Greene
Seabrook   Robert Marcello
Seabrook   Donna Marcello
Seabrook   Ronald Plourde
Seabrook   Stephen Plourde
Stratham   John Pavlou
Windham   Elizabeth Blundell
Windham   Dave Blundell
Windham   Scott Logsdon