YRNF - Statement on Republican Majority Leader and Whip Races


Dear YRs,

On behalf of the Young Republican National Federation, I would like to congratulate our former chairman, Congressman Kevin McCarthy (1999-2001), on his successful election as Majority Leader of the remainder of the 113th Congress.  Congressman McCarthy has a tremendous track record of recruiting and supporting candidates for the House and we look forward to working with him this November.  It is a testament to his hard work that Republicans are poised to increase their majority in House and why he was deserving of this victory today.

I would also like to send congratulations to Congressman Steve Scalise on his victory in the race for Whip today.  Congressman Scalise had been active in the Louisiana Young Republicans and a great friend to the Young Republican National Federation.  We look forward to continue working with him on Republican victories this year.


Jason Weingartner
Chairman, Young Republican National Federation