NHDP - Brown Financial Disclosure Confirms He's Been Ca$hing In

Pockets $20K from Wall Street for Vegas Hedge Fund Speech

(And that’s just this year. It was another $14K last year)
Concord, NH—Wall Street, the government of Taiwan, and Fox News paid Scott Brown hundreds of thousands of dollars — including $20,000 for his Vegas hedge fund junket -- according the financial disclosure Brown finally filed today, more than a month after the law required and after all the other candidates in the race had filed.
“Throughout the last year, Scott Brown has been cashing in, collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars from Wall Street, corporate special interests, and even a foreign government -- after he decided to run for the U.S. Senate,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain.  "This is merely the latest reason New Hampshire voters can't trust Scott Brown. Check the record. Brown’s not only been cashing in with Wall Street, he’s been voting for Wall Street, Big Oil, and the corporate interests who pay for his campaigns and line his pockets."
Some highlights:

·      Brown made $20,000 for a speech at a hedge fund conference in Las Vegas, while he was a candidate for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire. (The same hedge fund paid him $14,000 for a similar speech last year. Why was he paid more this year?)

·      Brown made $12,000 for a speech in Taiwan, which was made after he decided to run for Senate in New Hampshire.
·      Brown made more than $130,000 for his time as a conservative pundit for Fox News.

Stay tuned--there's more to come. It's been a busy few years for Scott Brown--and he's been cashing in big.