NHDP - BROWN UNDER FIRE: Bad Poll Numbers, Missed Debates, And Debunked False Attacks

Concord, NH—It was another rough week for Scott Brown in the Granite State. One-time-frontrunner Eric Cantor’s stunning loss in Virginia continued to haunt the GOP, becoming particularly apparent as Brown dodged another debate on Wednesday and came under fire for it from his GOP primary opponents. Then, independent fact checkers discredited another one of Scott Brown’s attacks—this one a completely baseless attack on Senator Shaheen. Finally, a Boston Herald/Suffolk University poll revealed that Brown is viewed “unfavorably” by 46% by likely voters--a huge number.

Brown Attack Debunked byFact Checker

PolitiFact: Brown Attack Deemed "Mostly False"
“Brown’s campaign said that Shaheen voted for a measure that would have amounted to a new national energy tax…We rate this claim Mostly False.”

Brown Has Dangerously High Unfavorability, and Trails Shaheen by 10

The HillShaheen has 10-point lead in NH Senate race
Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) continues to hold a comfortable lead over her main Republican rival, former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, in a new poll.”

Wall Street JournalPoll: Brown Trails by 10 Points in New Hampshire

“Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D., N.H.) holds a commanding lead over Republican Scott Brown in a new Suffolk University poll out Thursday. Ms. Shaheen leads Mr. Brown, the former Massachusetts senator, 49% to 39% in a poll of New Hampshire residents. There’s still more bad news for Mr. Brown in the poll: His favorability rating trails well behind even President Barack Obama in the state…The numbers are the latest evidence that the New Hampshire Senate race, despite Mr. Brown’s high-profile entrance, may not be among the top-tier contests this fall.”

Boston Herald RadioThursday’s Morning Meeting

CHABOT: I mean one of the things that really struck me was Scott Brown's favorables, which I didn't get a chance to check out from the March poll, but man, he's not doing so great. 

DAVID: No, you're right. His favorability has come up only two points it was 33 back in March, it's now 35. But his unfavorability is also up, it was 42 in March and it's now 46 which is dangerously close to that magic 50%.

CHABOT: Well talk to me about that. What does hitting 50% mean for Scott Brown? 

DAVID: Well in a two way race, or especially in a three way race, your favorability really needs to be in the 20s or 30s to be viable so Brown's unfavorable being at 46 is problematic.

Brown Criticized for Skipping Local Debates

Union LeaderNo sign of Scott Brown in Senate debates

“When Republican candidates for U.S. Senate Jim Rubens and Bob Smith debated at the Bedford Public Library in April, they differed on some issues but were unanimous in their criticism of their opponent, former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, who was not present. Brown can expect more of the same on Wednesday night, when the Merrimack Business Association hosts a debate among senatorial candidates, again without the front-runner. The scenario could repeat itself in July when radio station WGIR in Manchester hosts its GOP primary debates, and again in August, when the Exeter Republican Town Committee, the Rockingham County Republican Committee and the Seacoast Republican Women host a Republican candidates debate.”

Bonus: Brown's political action committee is still registered to a Massachusetts residence.