Smith For US Senate - Jack Kimball Takes command of Bob Smith's Campaign

Campaign Manager Unites Team
Bedford, NH, June 20,2014
Two Teams Unite
  The Bob Smith for U S Senate Campaign is excited to announce that Mr. Jack Kimball has accepted the position of Campaign Manager of our team.  This will insure a smooth transition with the merger of the Testerman Team and the Smith Team.  Further, Jack is a well known leader throughout the Granite State, in the fight to take back our Republic.

  His passion for our Constitution, Conservative values and the Republican Platform, are a mirror image of my own. Kimball's organizational skills, business background, integrity and political knowledge of our State are essential ingredients which he brings in this leadership position.


 Jack's addition as my Campaign Manager combined with the unprecedented and selfless gesture by Karen Testerman; who stepped aside in the race and threw her support behind me, should make it clear to the GOP base that we are completely united and are positioned to win the Primary and then the General Election against Jeanne Shaheen.


I ask all New Hampshire voters who love this great Country, to get behind Jack Kimball and the team to show the entire Nation that we have had enough of the establishment business as usual and we are taking action to take back our Country.




Bob Smith