Garcia For Congress - Marilinda Garcia: Ann Kuster wasted tax dollars and abused her position


Concord, NH–Marilinda Garcia, Republican candidate for New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District, released the following statement in response to Ann Kuster’s abuse of her franking privileges.


“Ann Kuster’s consistent use of taxpayer-funded mail— the so-called Franking privilege—to promote her reelection is not only a waste of tax dollars, it is an unethical abuse of her position,” said Garcia. “No wonder the people of New Hampshire have lost faith in her.  Through these actions, Ann Kuster exemplifies what Americans dislike about U.S. Congress. 


New Hampshire deserves better than a leader who raises taxes on the middle class and then uses those tax dollars for self-promotion. If Ann Kuster wants to convince New Hampshire voters to re-elect her, maybe she can dip into her special-interest funded $1.5 million campaign warchest instead of soaking the taxpayers struggling under her economy.”