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In case you missed it, the Union Leader today published a troubling report detailing how Rep. Ann Kuster has spent 293,000 taxpayer dollars on mass mailings and communications since taking office in January 2013. Much of that sum went towards campaign style-mailings, a blatantly unethical abuse of Rep. Kuster’s position. They write:

“U.S. Rep. Ann McLane Kuster has spent six times more than the rest of the combined New Hampshire delegation to Congress on taxpayer-funded mass mailings and communications, according to a review of reports submitted by Congress.”

Please read Marilinda's comments on these disappointing developments here.

The Union Leader also ran a hard-hitting article today describing how Marilinda’s primary opponent, Gary Lambert, seems to have experienced a sudden—and politically convenient— change of heart on cap and trade schemes such as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).  According to the Union Leader’s article:

“This is the same Gary Lambert who, as a state senator, voted for RGGI, which raises energy prices so the government can distribute the extra money to energy conservation projects the government likes…Now he repudiates that position, which he has held for years.”

This article comes on the heels of the Nashua Telegraph’s article on Mr. Lambert’s political shape shifting: "Gary Lambert signs pledge against federal carbon tax despite past support for Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative." Marilinda has always opposed cap and trade schemes that raise taxes for New Hampshire families and stifle economic activity.

Everyone knows that there are candidates whose politics will "evolve" when it's convenient, and who contort their positions in order to win elections. Marilinda is not one of those candidates.  Please donate to Marilinda and help ensure that she wins in November so New Hampshire’s Second District can once again have a congressional representative that is believable!



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