DURHAM Today, Scott Brown continued his "Making Higher Education Work" tour at the University of New Hampshire to meet with local college graduates and students and discuss his higher education proposal aimed at reducing college tuition and creating more opportunities for students entering the workforce. 
"These students are our country's future and we have to provide them with the tools they need to start careers and achieve their goals," said Brown.  "My commonsense proposals will get at the root of the problems in our education system, to make tuition more affordable and provide better opportunities for young people seeking their first jobs."
Brown's plan works to address the problem with higher education at its core by reducing tuition increases, simplifying the financial aid process and creating more opportunities for women to pursue careers in the science and technology field. The plan presents bold, innovative solutions to a mounting problem that deters students from pursing their dreams.
"Figuring out how to pay college tuition bills has been a difficult process and I appreciate Scott Brown putting forward a realistic plan to control increasing higher education costs," said Stephanie Simoulis, a student at UNH. "Being able to establish a solid foundation is important to students and not having to pay off massive amounts of debt would help us achieve our goals."
Brown will continue the tour the state on his "Making Higher Education Work" tour, meeting with college graduates and students to outline his plan to lower the cost of higher education.

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