Innis For Congress - ICYMI: Politico Asks If Dan Innis Is The Next Dave Brat

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Manchester, NH -- The following article appeared in Politico on June 21st.

The Next Dave Brat?

By Steven Shepard


Dan Innis, New Hampshire-01 primary (September 9): The Granite State's House seats have flipped and flopped with the national tide the past few election cycles. Democrats won them both in 2012, two years after Republicans had claimed the two seats in the 2010 wave.

Republican Frank Guinta was swept into the more Republican of the two seats in 2010, beating then-Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, then ripped right out again by Shea-Porter in 2012. He's hoping for a rubber match against the Democrat, but he first faces a primary challenge of his own.

Unlike Brat, Innis - who stepped down as dean of the University of New Hampshire's business school to mount his bid - isn't running to Guinta's right. But Innis is running as an outsider, as opposed to Guinta, who after being rejected by voters in 2012 quickly jumped back into a third campaign.

Innis hasn't raised much money but is getting some backup from a super PAC dedicated solely to his race, NH Priorities PAC. Its first ad this week begins: "Washington is broken. But we'll never fix it by sending the same people to Congress year after year."

The images in the ad are of Obama, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Shea-Porter; the dig at Guinta is subtle, but it's clear Innis and his allies intend to play up his outsider cred.