NHDP - NEW WEB AD: New Hampshire Not Buying That Massachusetts Scott Brown “Cares” about the Granite State

Concord, NH—The New Hampshire Democratic Party is launching a new web ad campaign reminding New Hampshire voters that Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, who now says, “he cares about New Hampshire,” was bragging about his deep roots in and commitment to the commonwealth less than two years ago.
“Massachusetts Scott Brown thinks he can convince the people of New Hampshire that he ‘cares’ about New Hampshire when less than two years ago he was bragging about his Massachusetts roots,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “Here’s something Scott Brown needs to learn about New Hampshire: people here know double-talk when they hear it. When Scott Brown says he 'cares' about New Hampshire, people here respond as we do: ‘Really?’”
Click here to watch the new NHDP web ad.