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NHDP - Walt Havenstein Refuses To Release Documents That Could Prove He Either Wasn’t A NH Resident or Was Misleading MD on His Taxes 

Havenstein Should Supply Un-Redacted Returns to The Ballot Law Commission
Concord, NH– Yesterday, Walt Havenstein refused to release documents that could prove he either wasn’t a New Hampshire resident during the last seven years or he was misleading Maryland on his taxes.
The missing documents include tax return details and documents related to his Maryland Driver’s License, mortgage, relocation contract, and other attributes of citizenship and residency in Maryland such as hunting, fishing and firearms licenses that would further establish he considered Maryland his principal place of residence.
“Havenstein’s latest refusal to produce documents begs the question, if he’s so confident that he’s eligible to run for Governor, why is he still hiding crucial documents relevant to the case? The fact remains that Havenstein wasn’t a New Hampshire resident or he was misleading Maryland on his taxes, and either way, he’s wrong for our state,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley.
Although Havenstein’s income was more than $13 million from 2010-2011, his campaign argued yesterday that he didn't meet the interest and dividends earnings threshold of $4,800 for a joint filing that would require him to file New Hampshire Interest and Dividends taxes. The claims from his campaign come despite the fact that his earnings were above the threshold in 2009 and 2012 and despite Havenstein filing interest and dividends taxes with the federal government in both 2010 and 2011 (which Havenstein confirmed in blacked out copies of his federal returns that he submitted to the Ballot Law Commission).
At the same time Havenstein is now claiming he was a "New Hampshire resident," he was taking tax breaks that are only eligible for Maryland residents. 
The New Hampshire Democratic Party called on Havenstein to share un-redacted versions with members of the Ballot Law Commission only, not the general public or even opposing lawyers. 
“Walt Havenstein was claiming tax breaks only available to Maryland residents at the same time he stopped filing interest-and-dividends taxes in New Hampshire. We have already presented significant evidence -- including statements that Walter Havenstein signed under oath -- that Walter Havenstein was a resident of Maryland," Chairman Buckley said. "We believe the Ballot Law Commission should be able to review all relevant evidence, including non-blacked out tax returns that would shed light on his tax issues.
"But this isn’t just about his tax returns. Havenstein has also failed to produce numerous other documents related to his Maryland Driver’s License, mortgage, relocation contract and potential hunting, fishing and firearms licenses that could further prove he considered Maryland his principal place of residence,” added Chairman Buckley

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