Rubens For US Senate - Rubens Comment on Romney Endorsement of Brown

Rewarded for voting to create model for Obamacare


Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Jim Rubens offered the following statement on former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's upcoming endorsement of Scott Brown:


"This is another attempt by the establishment to squelch the primary debate which is now showing the sharp differences between Brown and me.  This endorsement is payback for Scott Brown voting in favor of Romneycare which was the model for Obamacare.  Brown wants to grandfather parts of Obamacare while supporting Medicaid expansion in New Hampshire which will be funded by printed and borrowed money, driving our nation deeper into debt and creating 50,000 new government dependents.  When the federal government renegs on its promise to pay for Medicaid expansion, the state of New Hampshire will be stuck with the tab forcing us into an income tax."